Online Data Collection
for Market Research Projects

Our clients cover a wide range of companies – access panel providers, market research agencies, consulting and advertising companies, local producers or  big multinationals.

Depending on clients’ internal capabilities, we have a flexible offer that includes data collection, scripting, database hosting, database cleaning and basic data processing.

Main Type of Services

Data Collection for
Quantitative Research

You provide us the questionnaire and sample specifications and we return  the database with filled questionnaires according to your specifications.

Recruiting for
Online Qualitative Research

If you have the tools and moderating capabilities for online qualitative research, we can recruit for you the right participants based on your specifications.

Journals, Ethnography
and other
Special Methodologies

Sometimes simple ad-hoc or tracking research is not enough to measure a more sophisticated phenomenon. We are open and capable to apply non conventional methods for data collection


Main Benefits

You will get a quote from us within hours from the moment we receive your inquiry.  Data is collected usually in a matter of days or even hours from the moment we get your approval for fieldwork start.

We work mainly with our proprietary panels, thus you won’t have surprises in terms of quality of questionnaires completion. We use quality control tools that assure a steady quality over time.

If you have in-house capabilities, we are happy to provide you only the fieldwork. If you don’t have all the needed capabilities, we are also happy to cover services like scripting, database hosting, database cleaning or  basic data processing (e.g. cross tabulation).

In each of the countries we are present, we consider a pool of companies we compete with and we aim to stay at the lower level of prices within this pool of companies.